A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The game

Espial: the Eye from Above is a 3D action game where you follow a briefcase while taking photos of the spies that exchange it and become lost in the crowd. Explore a train station during the Cold War as a spy, from a different and higher point of view; shoot "high quality photos", but be thrifty: you have only one film roll! Don't lose your target or you will lose the opportunity to take the perfect shot!

The team

Team UnderCover is a group formed in February 2017 by five MSc. Game Design and Technology students at IT University of Copenhagen. The team's first project is Espial: The Eye from Above and was developed as a project within the university; as inspiration, the following games were used: Mirror's Edge and Assassin's Creed as well as the early James Bond films. 


Site: espial.eu

E-mail: espial@espial.eu


Espial - The Eye from Above (Windows) (180 MB)
Espial - The Eye from Above (Mac) (184 MB)


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Pretty good game but if you lose the target ones its almost game over since you really have to memorize him. A compas or Runners Vision on request would have been awesome. Nevertheless art and the idea is neat

It's a really interesting game, the art it's nice, I had a lot of fun playing it. Good luck with the development!